Terms and Conditions for Exhibitors

Aqua Aquaria India 2017: 14 - 16 May 2017, Mangalore, Karnataka

  • 4th Edition of Aqua Aquaria India will be organized in Nehru Maidan, Mangalore, Karnataka from 14-16 May 2017.
  • Exhibitors shall adhere to the Exhibitor Manual given at website
  • Exhibitor may book any number of stalls. Stalls will be allotted on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Fee once paid will not be refunded.
  • Service tax applicable will be additional to the fees mentioned
  • For every stall of 3 x 3 m stall 2 free Exhibitor passes, one counter table, 3 chairs, one power outlet (5A, 230 V), three spot lights and a waste basket will be provided and for 2 x 2 m stall 1 free Exhibitor pass, one counter table, 2 chairs, one power outlet (5A, 230 V), two spot lights and a waste basket will be provided.
  • 25 free visitor passes will be provided for each exhibitor
  • Each aquarium stall will be provided with 500 litres of water for keeping fishes
  • The raw space will be handed over to the exhibitors on 12.05.2017 at 08.00 AM. 
  • The shell scheme stalls will be handed over to the exhibitors on 13.05.2017 at 08.00 AM.
  • The stall allotted is not transferable.
  • Furnishing shall be completed and all materials not for use in the stall be removed by 8.00 PM on 13.05.2017.
  • Though the fair authorities will be providing general security, the fair authorities will not be responsible for any damage/ loss of any article/ property kept in the stall. All products shall be exhibited only within the stall.
  • Conformation of stall reservations will be sent by fax/ e-mail as far as possible. However the organizers decision on stall allocation shall be final and binding.
  • The organizers reserve the right to make such changes in site layout, floor plan, and other details as they consider fit in the overall interest and safety of the exhibition.
  • The exhibitor shall be liable to pay for any damages caused to the stall or equipment allotted to him. Any such damage shall be assessed by the organizers and their decision on the charges to be paid by the exhibitor shall be final.
  • Jurisdiction in case of any dispute will be Ernakulam, India.
  • The show hours shall be from 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM on 14th, from 10.00 AM to 08.00 PM on 15th and from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM on 16th May 2017.
  • Wire transfer charges/ payment gateway charges will be borne by the exhibitor.
  • Additional furniture and facilities could be ordered directly with the stall contractor.
  • Exhibitors opting for raw space need to inform the organizers by 15th April 2017 along with a layout plan for approval to the stall contractor.
  • Extra charges apply for continuous power requirements.
  • The name of the exhibitor registered on or before 15th April 2017 only will be published in the show catalogue.
  • Stall delegates are entitled to participate in the technical sessions/ field visits arranged by the organizers.
  • No cooking by using fire will be allowed inside the exhibition hall. Any demonstration of cooking must be carried out after explicit approval of organizers.