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Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing (NETFISH) – is a society formed in 2006 under the aegis of Marine Products Export Development Authority (MPEDA), Kochi. The Society is registered under the Travancore–Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955. NETFISH, the extension arm of MPEDA, stands for improving the quality of fishery products exported from the country and the sustainability of fishery resources as well. The major objectives of NETIFSH is to empower fisheries sector by imparting knowledge to fishermen, fisherwomen, processing workers, technicians, etc on fish quality management, conservation of fish resources and sustainable fishing.

  • Address : NETFISH-MPEDA, Vallarpadam P. O., Kochi-682 504
  • Phone : 0484 2100012
  • Email ID : netfish@mpeda.gov.in
  • Contact Person : Dr. Joice V Thomas, Chief Executive, NETFISH
  • Website : www.netfishmpeda.org/


NETFISH organizes grass root level awareness programmes among fishermen, fisherwomen, processing workers and other stakeholders, thereby changing their mindset towards fish quality management and responsible fishing. Various Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) have been selected as members in NETFISH considering their past records on conducting fisheries development programmes. Personals from these member NGO’s are being trained on various fisheries extension programmes with the help of reputed fisheries institutes /universities /departments/scientists, etc. and are utilized for conducting various extension programmes among fisher folk. Both theory and practical classes are being arranged for the fishermen.

Since 2007, NETFISH has been conducting effective extension works in all maritime states of India. Repeated training programmes are conducted at areas in and around selected harbours and landing centers in these states. So far, NETFISH has conducted more than 16000 extension programmes whole through the country. NETFISH programmes include Fish quality management programmes conducted at landing sites, fishing vessels, fishermen villages, pre-processing centers, processing factories and dryfishing areas. Also, awareness programmes on conservation of marine resources and sustainable fishing were conducted in fishing vessels, fishing harbours and nearby places. To spread the message more effectively among the beneficiaries, a variety of special programmes like street plays, clean-up programmes, mass communication programmes, school children programmes, medical camps, ralleys etc were also organized by NETFISH.


  • On-board training programmes.
  • Trainings in Harbours/Landing centres/Villages.
  • Trainings in Pre-processing centers.
  • Trainings for Dry fish workers.
  • Trainings for Aquafarmers.
  • Medical camps.
  • School children programmes.
  • Rallies/Jathas.
  • Door to door awareness camps.
  • Street-plays.
  • Coastal clean-up programmes.
  • Harbour clean-up programmes.
  • Mass boat cleanup programmes.
  • Mass communication.