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Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture (RGCA)

Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Aquaculture (RGCA) – is the R & D arm of MPEDA, and is dedicated to augment the Indian Seafood Exports through sustainable culture technologies. The organisation which functions as a society under MPEDA, with no profit no loss motto has made breakthroughs not only in culture technologies of Shrimps but also in diversified species such as Seabass, Groupers, Mud Crab etc. With the implementation of projects such as the Pilot scale Marine Finfish Hatchery Project at Vizhinjam, Kerala, Grouper project at A & N islands and Mud Crab hatchery project at Thoduvai, Tamil Nadu, RGCA is fully geared up to change the existing trend of restricted species culture practices, which is prevalent in our country. So far, the coastal aquaculture has been mainly shrimp centric and the export revenue was mainly contributed by the shrimps. But with the applied research pursued by RGCA in culture technologies of diversified species, India can now look forward to expand its export oriented aquaculture base by exporting high valued finfish and shellfish species, apart from the conventional ones.


  • To promote sustainable aquaculture with long term vision.
  • To establish Technology Development Centres in Aquaculture in various locations in India for developing and disseminating appropriate technologies for scientific aquaculture.
  • To develop and introduce world class sustainable technologies in aquaculture.
  • To transfer technical know-how, plans, designs and other relevant information for establishing aquaculture units in various states of India.
  • To give consultancy and technical services to the entrepreneurs and farmers for establishing aquaculture units.
  • To impart training in various aquaculture technologies developed at its centres.
  • To conduct pilot scale operations and to set up demonstration farms to popularize the technologies developed/acquired.
  • To scale up the technologies developed in research institutes by joining hands with the concerned scientists and disseminate the same through extension, education and demonstration programmes.
  • To assist National institutes, agencies both in public as well as in private sectors for developing innovative technologies which are having scientific application.
  • To undertake execution of Aquaculture projects entrusted by Government agencies/ departments like Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), Department of Ocean Development (DOD), Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Food Processing etc.
  • To take up such activities as to re-seed and replenish the over exploited stock of the sea and other large inland water bodies through ranching with hatchery reared young ones for sustainable development of fisheries.
  • To introduce proven aquaculture technology of the selected species which are commercially successful elsewhere in the world but not yet introduced in India. The centre will buy the technology from national or international source, blend the same under Indian condition with local technology if available and sell the same to Indian entrepreneurs after assuring the commercial viability.

For more details http://rgca.org.in/