• Total No. of Exhibitors 83
  • Total No. of Delegates

Exhibitor profile


Apart from the Ornamental Fish Breeders / Traders/ Exporters, the exhibitors shall also comprise of Manufacturers / Suppliers of

  • Aquarium tanks
  • Equipments (Filters, Pumps, Aerators, heaters, regulators etc.)
  • Measuring instruments, assorted equipments, accessories
  • Fish food, health treatments, salts, water additives/adjusters
  • Aquarium Furniture & Illumination
  • Packing Materials, Equipment & Machinery
  • Aquarium Accessories
  • Soil & Fertilizer


Apart from the Aqua culturists and Hatcheries, the exhibitors shall also comprise of Manufacturers / Suppliers of;

  • Organic Aquaculture products
  • Aquaculture equipment, spawning incubators and closed circuit equipment
  • Aquaculture Technology Providers
  • Oxygen and air provision systems
  • Aquatic Pest Control Systems
  • Cage Culture Systems
  • Cleaning products and disinfectants
  • Cleaning, Grading, Peeling, Scaling and Filleting Equipments
  • Cold Chain, Refrigeration Technology/Equipments & cooling systems
  • Crate Manufacturers & Storage systems
  • Feed and feed additives
  • Feeding systems
  • Fish farms-aquaculture
  • Fish Feeds & Feed Ingredient manufactures
  • Fish Nets, lines, buoys, floats, Fishing Equipments and Marine motors
  • Fish/Prawn Breeders
  • Health and safety equipment manufacturers & suppliers
  • Ice making machinery
  • Live, chilled, frozen and value added product manufacturers
  • Loading systems
  • Measuring and analysis systems
  • Waste Management Plants
  • Water Pumps, Floaters, Feeding Purifiers

Apart from above, exhibitors from Co-operatives, Associations & Periodicals, Financial and insurance services, Logistics and transport, Pharmaceuticals, Vaccines and drugs, Various fisheries Associations, Consultancy services, Publications, Fisheries boards / Govt. departments / Organizations / Institutes, Certification bodies, Retail chains, NGOs etc. can also participate in the show.