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The Nodal agency

MPEDA – The Nodal agency for the promotion of Seafood Exports from India

Variety seafood including Shrimp, Squid, Cuttlefish, Oyster, Lobster, fishes, crab etc. are used to make delicious gourmets all over the world. India has all of them in plenty. But having them do not make them the automatic choice. To win over a gourmet Indian seafoods have to match the most exacting standards of the world and even meet the personal preferences.

From educating fishermen to gauging the pulses of international market, from providing information to the entrepreneurs to passing overseas enquiries to the exporters, from projects to utilize the full potential of aquaculture to advising the Government on protecting over exploited varieties of marine life. MPEDA’S activities are manifold.


Value addition gives the consumer products a step closer to his meal. Moreover he gets the parts of his choice at the exact weight measurements. Realizing the importance of value addition in exports, MPEDA has been concentrating on the development of diversified/value added sea food products. It introduced new technology and encouraged sea food processors to adopt consumer packaging. The efforts have proved to be fruitful as the country has expanded its overseas markets and achieved higher market value realization.


  • Collection and dissemination of trade information.
  • Promotion of Indian marine products in overseas markets.
  • Implementation of schemes vital to the industry by extending assistance for infrastructure development for better preservation and modernised processing following quality regime.
  • Promotion of aquaculture for augmenting export production through hatchery development, new farm development, diversification of species and up gradation of technology
  • Promotion of deep-sea fishing projects through test fishing, joint ventures and up gradation & installation of equipments to increase the efficiency of fishing.
  • Market promotional activities and publicity.
  • To carry out inspection of marine products, its raw material, fixing standards and specifications, training, regulating as well as to take all necessary steps for maintaining the quality of seafood that are marketed overseas.
  • Impart trainings to fishermen, fish processing workers, aquaculture farmers and other stake holders in the respective fields related to fisheries.
  • Conduct research and development for the aquaculture of aquatic species having export potential through Rajiv Gandhi Center for Aquaculture (RGCA).
  • Conduct extension and awareness activities, trainings etc through Network for Fish Quality Management and Sustainable Fishing (NETFISH) & National Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture (NaCSA).
  • To prescribe for itself any matters required for protecting and augmenting the seafood exports from the country in the future.


MPEDA promotes export- oriented aquaculture. As a result shrimp aquaculture picked up in a big way and presently contributes about 78 % by volume and 80 % by value of the shrimp exports from the country.

To strengthen the raw material base for export market MPEDA is also making serious attempt to promote aqua culture production of Scampi, Crab, Lobsters, Molluscs and Fin fishes.

India has vast potential for mariculture, coastal as well as land based aqua culture and inland aquaculture. The utilisation of the vast potential, so far is only marginal. Out of 11,90,900 hectors of coastal land available in the country only 15 % is put into use for aquaculture. Hence tremendous scope for aquaculture development and MPEDA is committed to take aquaculture to new vistas by extending assistance for diversified aquaculture in the country.


Under the scheme ‘Integrated Development Programme for Seafood Quality and Extension Services, MPEDA organizes demonstration-cum-training programmers for fishermen and processing workers with audio visual aids. Folders, brochures and booklets are prepared in English and regional languages.


For the modernisation of Sea food processing units, the Development section of MPEDA extends assistance.


MPEDA compiles and disseminates trade enquiries received from overseas buyers among exporters. In association with concerned agencies it sorts out trade disputes. It compiles and disseminates information about reefer space requirements for shipment of frozen cargo and liaises with shipping companies and airlines to meet the demands of the industry. It liaise with the government for conservation measures of protected species like shrimps, lobsters, sea cucumbers, sea weeds, sea shells etc. Marketing expertise is shared with exporters and those involved in fishing industry.


MPEDA ensures the highest standards for seafood’s exported from India. It works in close association with Export Inspection Council of India and other Indian and International quality control organizations.

Assistance is given to registered processors to set up quality control laboratories and modern pre-processing plants throughout the country to meet the ISO 9000 quality standards. The HACCP cell in MPEDA offers advice on matters connected with EC Directives.


MPEDA advises Government of India on matters connected with deep sea fishing. It undertakes techno-economic and financial appraisal of projects for production of value added marine products. Entrepreneurs and professionals get pre investment advices from MPEDA.


MPEDA co-ordinates the visit of delegates from other countries or from international bodies like FAO, INFOFISH, UNDP, World Bank etc.

MPEDA participates in specialized international food and trade fairs, organises buyer-seller meets in major seafood markets overseas and sponsors visit of Indian delegates and individual sales teams to foreign markets.

Printing of publicity materials, publications, release of advertisements in international and national magazines related to seafood, ornamental fish and aquaculture are also undertaken.


The prestigious biennial India International Seafood Show (IISS) organized by MPEDA brings overseas buyers, sellers and other interested sectors of the industry under one umbrella.


MPEDA has Overseas Trade Promotion Offices in Tokyo and New York. They ensure hassle free trade, liaising with government agencies, trade missions, seafood trade and industry associations and organising direct market promotion activities. In Europe, the India Trade Centre at Brussels promotes seafood trade interests.


MPEDA collects and compiles statistics of marine products exported through various ports in India. It monitors the overseas market situations and exchange rate fluctuations. The details are published in the weekly bulletin PRIME. Every month MPEDA collects compiles and analyses export data from all processing plants. Seafood export information is available for portwise, gradewise/ varietywise.